Lesbian Couple Turned Away at Pennsylvania Wedding Boutique

Lesbian Couple Turned Away at Pennsylvania Wedding Boutique

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Photo: T. Marsee
Photo: T. Marsee

A Christian-owned bridal shop in Pennsylvania refused to help a lesbian couple find dresses because of their religious beliefs.

When one of the women called W.W. Bridal to make an appointment, she was put on hold for several minutes then the owner told her she couldn’t help her out “because they currently do not service same-sex couples – it’s just not something they do.”

The women said they looked toward legal action, but because Pennsylvania doesn’t have a law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, the shop may have the right to turn them away based on religious views.

Shop owner Victoria Miller said “providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.”

One of the woman took to post on Facebook to discuss being told she couldn’t look for dresses at the shop in question.

“As a fellow Christian, I’m ashamed of people like you,” one user wrote. “We are taught to love our neighbor regardless. Did you skip that part?”

The boutique’s decision also caused an uproar on Google+.

One user said the same bridal store refused to service her and her cross-dressing husband.

“My husband and I tried to give W. W. Bridal our business, but when the management found out that we needed to order a wedding gown for my husband, and dresses for the groomsmen, they would not allow us to order from them claiming that such a thing would ‘Break God’s Law.’ So they do not want money from people who enjoy cross-dressing. They insisted that we ‘Must be gay,’ since we wear clothing of the opposite sex. Very strange and rude management,” she wrote.

Others praised W.W. Bridal for standing up for their beliefs.

“Kudos to W. W. Bridal Boutique for running a great bridal business and for standing up for their beliefs! They provide great services for women who are getting married… albeit not for a bunch of freaks and their non-thinking, supposedly well-educated sycophants – whose only reading on human sexuality comes from a Facebook feed or from Twitter – who choose to “redefine” marriage. Why don’t you dumb people practice the tolerance you supposedly preach? What a bunch of idiots you are,” wrote Sammy Samba.

The town council is currently deciding whether they should make a legislation that would ban businesses from refusing to service the LGBT community.



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