Lesbian Tells Pastor: ‘I’m Here for My Stoning’

Lesbian Tells Pastor: ‘I’m Here for My Stoning’

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One church said that Jesus would stone homos, but when confronted by a lesbian waiting for her stoning, the pastor was just talk.

Jennifer Louise Lopez went to the ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church, whose sign reads: “Jesus Would Stone Homos. Stoning is Still The Law.”

Lopez knocked on the door and told the man, Pastor James David Manning, she had arrived for her stoning.

“I saw your sign,” she said to the pastor. “And I’m here for my stoning. I’m a lesbian.”

Manning appeared shocked and unsure of what to say, admitting he didn’t have any stones. Lopez said she would come back tomorrow.

A month ago, Manning posted a video blaming gay men for the absence of fathers in some African-American homes, claiming white gay men tempt black men away from heterosexuality. He ranted about Obama praising black athletes Jason Collins and Michael Sam for coming out this year.

“This demonization is such a stark contrast from the positive progress that has been made between black churches and their same-gender loving congregants,” president of LGBT group Harlem Pride, Carmen Neely, said.

Manning also posted a video to YouTube explaining why gays should be stoned, thought it was removed for violating the policy against hate speech. Manning then posted it on the church’s website.

Manning has also said that Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are secretly black, that Obama had conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart murdered, and that Washington D.C. police killed a woman carrying Obama’s baby.

Lopez posted her video confronting Manning, similar to the way a Louisiana transgender woman appeared at a Shreveport City Council meeting asking an anti-LGBT group to stone her.



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