Lesbians Aim to Set World Record with Mass Wedding in Provincetown During Women’s Week

Lesbians Aim to Set World Record with Mass Wedding in Provincetown During Women’s Week

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Allison Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick
Allison Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick

On October 15, 2016, women from all over the planet will converge on Provincetown with a singular intention – to marry at Bride Pride, a group wedding scheduled during Provincetown’s legendary Women’s Week, now in its 32nd year.

According to Allison Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick, Bride Pride organizers and owners of the award-winning Roux Bed and Breakfast property where the wedding will be held, “If there are at least 100 couples, the brides will become part of recorded history.”

The duo has applied to Guinness Book of World Records in an effort to capture the title for “World’s Largest Lesbian Wedding.”

“Provincetown is filled with stories of love, equality and adventure and it’s meant to be shared with lovers,” said Mitnick.

Award-winning political humorist and LGBTQ icon Kate “Mad Vow” Clinton will perform the nuptials.

“Nothing says World’s Largest Lesbian Wedding like Provincetown and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” said Clinton.

After the ceremony, the whole town will turn into a party for the newlyweds as they join thousands of women in hundreds of events planned for Women’s Week.

IMG_7761“It’s the perfect backdrop for a wedding. We wanted to create an amazing experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. It will be the coolest wedding setup ever with events leading up to and following the event and, oh, the whole planet is invited,” Baldwin said.

Provincetown Director of Tourism Tony Fucillo said, “Events like Bride Pride remind us all of another great day [June 26, 2013] when the LGBT community filled the streets across the country to celebrate the defeat of DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act].”

In honor of those who will marry at Bride Pride, Baldwin and Mitnick will be making a contribution to GLAD.

“We want to thank GLAD both for the work they’ve done to make a day like this possible, as well as to support the battles they still wage on a daily basis for our equality,” said Baldwin.

This epic event will take place on the beautiful grounds of Roux Bed and Breakfast located at 210 Bradford Street, Provincetown, MA at 11 a.m. on October 15, 2016. Advance registration for Bride Pride is required.

For more information or to book a stay at Roux Provincetown, please visit rouxprovincetown.



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