Lesbians Earn More Than Straight Women, New Study

Lesbians Earn More Than Straight Women, New Study

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HA0521 - Bedford staff and M1. A set of images  of HA staff in the Bedford office and new section of M1, north of junction 9. March 2010According to a global study, lesbians earn 12 percent more than their straight counterparts, possibly because lesbians may be more willing to take jobs with “masculine” traits.

Dr. Nick Drydakis, an economist at Angela Ruskin University in Cambridge conducted the study.

In Britain, lesbian women were paid an average of 8 percent more than straight women. In America, they were ahead by 20 percent. In Greece and Australia, however, they were earning 28 percent less than straight women.

“A puzzling issue is the earnings premiums found for lesbian employees in some countries,” Drydakis said, adding his only suggestion is that discrimination is “still at play as jobs which have ‘masculine’ characteristics pay more.”

The opposite is true for gay men.

In the UK, France and Greece they earn on average 5 percent less than straight men. In the United States, that gap is 16 percent.

“Gay men often avoid certain male-dominated occupations in favor of female-dominated occupations – less masculine jobs – for salaries may be lower,” Drydakis said. “The higher salaries among lesbians in some countries may reflect discrimination in favor of masculine traits rather than against them. In addition, lesbians tend to self-select into male-dominated occupations that may offer higher salaries.”

The study also showed Australia, Canada, the U.S., and the EU have the strongest workplace protections for gay and lesbian rights.



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