Lesbians Stage Kiss-In Protest During St. Petersburg Flight

Lesbians Stage Kiss-In Protest During St. Petersburg Flight

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Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram
Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram

Have you ever heard of Vitaly Milonov? Me either. You will now. He’s not a big fan of the gays. He is a Russian legislator who has been an instrumental supporter of Russia’s anti-LGBT legal agenda. While on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, two lesbian activists found themselves sitting in front of him on the plane. While Milonov was sleeping, the women decided to take a selfie while kissing right in front of him. The protest image posted to their Instagram pages and has now gone viral.

One of the women, who was identified as Kseniya Infintiy, uploaded more photos to her VKontakte page describing in further detail what happened on the plane. She noted that when Milonov woke up, he realized what was happening and covered his face with a tablet to hide from the camera.

Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram
Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram

Infintiy provided further explanation of the selfie, according to a translation by the news site Meduza:

“Lots of people are asking me about my last post: did we really go and kiss in front of Milonov? Was it really Milonov? Maybe it was just somebody who looked like him? What was the flight like? and so on. Here are my answers: Yes it was really Milonov! As fate would have it, he was sitting in the row right behind us.  The whole flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Milonov said nothing to us. We staged the photo shoot in front of him, and he hid behind his tablet, when he realized.”

She also noted, “We’re all super happy. Him – probably not so much. But who cares! Attached is the rest of the photoshoot. #milonov #antihomophobia”

Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram
Photo: nfinitykseniya/Instagram

The politician later commented on the event and talked to the Flashnord news agency describing the women as “crazy fools and idiots who made a bunch of silly faces, photographed themselves, and ran to the back of the plane, where they sat down and didn’t show their faces until the end of the flight.”

The protest images have gained significant amount of attention on social media and the women have received a good amount of positive support for their actions as well.



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