Let’s Do This Thing Called Voting

Let’s Do This Thing Called Voting

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So, you are registered to vote and you know who you want to vote for, or maybe you don’t, but either way you are ready to do this thing called voting. If you are new to voting in Washington State there are a couple things that you may want to know. Firstly, Washington State is completely vote by mail. Meaning you are going to get your ballot in the mail. You will not need to go to any polling location. Ballots will be mailed out at least 18 days before the election. Guess what? This Friday, October 19, your ballot will be on its way to you. How exciting for you!

Did you miss the deadline to update your registration? Did you move or are you out of the state taking a vacation or tending to business? Do not worry. You are a registered voter and your ballot can be mailed to you anywhere you need. Simply call or email the county you are registered in and let them know you need your ballot to find you on your awesome adventure. It is really easy to do and it will ensure you get that all important ballot. If you are a military service person or overseas for any reason, your ballot can even be emailed to you for your convenience. Getting your ballot is very important and if you aren’t in the same place your registration says, your ballot will have a hard time finding you.

If you don’t know where you are registered you can check it out online. Go to www.myvote.wa.gov.  BE CAREFUL when you enter your information. Sometimes people will want to include their middle initial or the junior part of their name. If you do the system can’t find you. Just put in the information requested and you can find where you are registered. If you no longer live there or are going to be away from there during the election, contact that county and let them know. It is your right to vote, don’t throw it away just because you missed the deadline. The people who work in elections want you to get your ballot as much as you do. I promise.

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NOTE: If you are not registered anywhere in the State of Washington, it isn’t too late! You can still register to vote for this election. However, you will need to do it in person at the local elections department in your county. You have until October 29 to register in person for the first time! Do it!



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