LGBTQ It’s Not All About You

LGBTQ It’s Not All About You

LGBTQ are not just five letters – they are the monikers of our lives.  I’m not sure who came up with these witty little acronyms that are meant to describe who we are but, quite frankly, I don’t really think that some of us believe all of those letters should be a part of our lives.  And, let’s not forget about our fight for equality – for all of us and not just one of the letters in the mix. 

For some of us, it may sound like this in our heads: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (Chaz Bono) and Questioning.  I think there are a few more letters (and possibly celebrity associations), but for brevity’s sake, we’ll stick to Chaz and the “T” for this story.

Everyone knows Chaz Bono. His Mom is Cher! You’d think that his relation to one of the gay-friendliest (I may have just made that word up) stars in the world would offer him a little bit of a break. Not so much.

Yesterday, The Seattle Lesbian posted a story about how Chaz had been invited to be one of the next contestants on the upcoming season’s Dancing with the Stars.  Great, I say!  However, after listening to some lame-ass radio show with some narrow-minded straight dudes posing a question about who will lead, I got my belly full of how once again we have to be so unkind. Oh, and for the cherry on top… they referred to him as TRANSSEXUAL.  Oh, no you didn’t?!

I expect this kind of uncouth commentary from those who don’t “get it” and choose not to become enlightened to understanding diversity that reflects the 21st century. I don’t really expect to hear it from people within our own community because I always feel that we are so much stronger together than separately and when we are infighting. Naïve much? Hopeful? I guess I just assume we can share respect within our diverse community.

Okay, so maybe I am making an assumption here because after leaving the doctor’s office this morning I got to listen to some jackass with posters calling our President [Obama] as bad as Hitler. So just forget about that last paragraph…maybe.

How about I just tell you what I think since this is my blog and, for now, this is my monologue and not a dialogue? Okay, glad you are onboard.

Reading a response this morning that basically said, “What does this [story] have to do with lesbians?” made my head spin.  So, Grace (leaving her last name off out of respect), are you saying that lesbians are the only people that The Seattle Lesbian should care about? 

When young men were killing themselves left and right because of the endless bullshit, they endured until they could take no more, were we not to report on that? Are we not to educate and activate our community to fight back and say “Enough is enough?”

Let’s remember that it takes guts to come to terms with your own sexuality and for Chaz Bono to have lived in the spotlight all of this time while trying to figure out his place in the world, well, it is to be commended and celebrated – not chastised.

My dear Grace, so as to not disgrace you, I would recommend that you please consider walking in someone else’s shoes before you speak unkindly.  You might learn that The Seattle Lesbian is a passion born out of building community that reports on the news or our lives and the compassion and acceptance of everyone in our community.



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