LGBTQ Relationships: Does Couples Counseling Really Work?

LGBTQ Relationships: Does Couples Counseling Really Work?

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A couple enjoying a warm Miami beach/Photo: Courtesy of IGLTA
A couple enjoying a warm Miami beach

LGBT, as we all are aware, stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender. They are an eminent community of our worldly society. This community is as precious and lovable as an other gender community is. In fact, they hold some of the purest and most exemplary relationship in our civilization. We, the so called male and female community people took it way too long to realize the existence and importance of this beautiful category of Homo sapiens. The difference does not exist in the physical appearance but, it actually exists in the mindset of some extremely orthodox and cruel minded people.

And like all other marriages and relationships, this wonderful and not-unique community has also their love life and problems related to it. The research has shown that there barely exists any difference of tensions among the relationships of LGBT people and other gender people. Entering a relationship is much easier than making it work through all the ups and downs the life throws at you.

We fall in love, go against every obstacle in between just to be with that one person we owe all our life and attention. Then the question arises as to what happens that the two or one among the two decides to give up? Well, there a lot more causes then what we can mention. These include varied reasons like, unhappy sexual intimacy life with your beloved partner, continuous fights, lies and betrayals, being highly occupied in professional life and many more. But when two people really agree to make it work, no matter what then nothing else can win suzerainty their will.

There are many wings of helping bodies who are always ready to help the needy ones in the most miraculous ways and one among them are LGBT couples counseling. This is one idiosyncratic way to make your problems run away from your peaceful life. It not only can advice and guide you through the unwanted tortures of your relationships but can also provide you new hopes and a new way to look at your gifted life.

How all of this works? And does it really work?

Well the most logical and practical answer is YES, if you really want to. A person cannot even survive a mild depression if he loses hope and will to continue this ride called life. Then how can a relationship, be it with your same sex or opposite ones, work when there is a lack of will. And not even a Mt. Peak is high if you staunchly desire and strenuously work to reach there. LGBT couples counseling is one of the finest ways to reconcile with your beloved existence. Of course the first step will be on your own but it acts as a supplementary. The various organizations involved in such task are The Hart Centre’, The Good Therapy’ et cetera. They work painstakingly to solve your issues.

The most important part prior to your solutions is, you really need to come out of your comfort zone and speak about your problems with someone and ultimately with the therapists. Through statistics, it has been found that less than 3% US citizens accept their sexuality as gay or lesbian. This statistical data is vague, undoubtedly because many people hide their sexuality due to orthodox minded society. Remember, it’s your life and you need to take care of it because not everyone gets this gift. Speak up and find yourself the best way to achieve peace. No doubt LGBT couples counseling is one of many good ways. Let your community live with peace and pride.



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