Lifelong Promotes New Campaign on World AIDS Day: #StillHere

Lifelong Promotes New Campaign on World AIDS Day: #StillHere

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On Saturday, December 1, Lifelong will launch a campaign for World AIDS Day that focuses on why people are #StillHere.

World AIDS Day is an annual campaign on December 1 to raise awareness and tribute to people affected by and living with HIV. As an organization that was founded in 1983, in the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and built on the passionate and dedicated community that came together to care for people living with HIV when no one else would, we wanted to highlight the community that is #StillHere.

#StillHere is an opportunity to walk once more with the ones who were taken too soon, to work with those who built the foundation that we walk on, to listen to the ones who survived and share their memories, and to inspire hope in a future generation.

“It took me over a year to become undetectable and reverse my status from AIDS to HIV,” one campaign member submitted. “During that time, I lost my boyfriend, and all the plans I had for my future, but things have improved. I’m #StillHere because of the men and women who fought for effective drug treatments that saved my life, but also to give hope to others that you can get through this, and go on to pursue your dreams.”

Another statement read: “I can do anything that anyone else does – so what is living with HIV? – nothing more than another day in the neighborhood, except with a bunch of new friends and a great community of people who understand this particular disease, just like other support groups. I (we) are not contagious. We are JUST people. #StillHere”

On December 1, Lifelong will promote the #StillHere statements throughout the greater Seattle community and on social networks.

Although the AIDS epidemic is behind us, the HIV community is #StillHere standing strong. Lifelong is #StillHere providing care to people living with HIV and evolving as those needs change. Lifelong continues to meet people where they are at, assess existing barriers, and fight to get people the care they need.



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