Lily Tomlin Live! is Back, Seattle

Lily Tomlin Live! is Back, Seattle

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She plays Tina Fey’s mother in the dramedy Admission, and Lisa Kudrow’s mother in Showtime’s Web Therapy, but Lily Tomlin is responsible for no one as she brings her comedy back to Seattle.

Appearing in The 5th Avenue Theatre’s Lily Tomlin Live! comedy show June 6-7, 2014, Tomlin is in top form.

“I’ve played Seattle so much – I’m always doing concerts,” Tomlin told The Seattle Lesbian. “I always do like 10-12 characters, and I love talking about Seattle.”

One way of telling the story for Lily – video. “I use video in my show, largely to satirize myself,” she said.

One other thing she loves talking about is a new senior housing center in San Francisco that also doubles as youth housing. It’s called Open-House San Francisco, and it was hot on Tomlin’s lips.

“There is a new building going up in San Francisco for LGBT youth and seniors where they can interact and learn from one another, and that’s important,” Tomlin said.

“The Village consists of two theatres, an art gallery, a computer lab, social groups for the seniors and the youth – it’s the biggest gay center in the world,” she added.

While not directly involved in the community center/housing complex, she hopes to see it come to fruition and is throwing her personal time into sharing why she feels it is so important.

“Each end of the spectrum is thrown together in a complex to share their legacies,” she said.

Tickets for Tomlin are still available, but the VIP package is sold-out. Find out more here: Lily Tomlin Live!



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