Liver Care When Also Suffering from a Thyroid Disease

Liver Care When Also Suffering from a Thyroid Disease

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eb36b20720f6053ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e7d418b817489df0c3_640_healthyIn this article, one reader discusses how you should take care of your thyroid – and your liver.

Thyroid disorders

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland that is situated in the front of your neck. It can be very important for your organism since its role is to regulate various metabolic processes. However, there are thyroid disorders that can affect this gland in various ways. There are more kinds of thyroid disorders, including hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and goiter.

These disorders have been analyzed by doctors for many years, and there are several treatments available, including hormonal replacements done by Gene Medics. However, a new link has been found between supporting your liver and recovering from thyroid diseases.

How is liver impairment connected to Hashimoto?

It appears that an unhealthy liver can directly affect your thyroid. A damaged liver can be the reason why your body cannot convert T4 to the T3 hormone, which leads to hypothyroidism. Additionally, impaired detoxification symptoms can mimic the ones that are connected to thyroid disease.

How does the liver function?

As you probably already know, the liver has many functions in the human body. For example, it is our main detoxification organ and it also produces bile that is used for the digestion of fats, it filters the blood and it even stores glucose, which is then used for energy. And, as we have previously mentioned, the liver is needed in order to convert T4 to the active T3 hormone.

Since detoxification is one of its main function, the liver has two different phases. When it eliminates toxins, first of all various processes occur, such dehalogenation, hydration, oxidation, reduction, and hydrolysis. All these are necessary for fats-soluble toxins. The toxins are metabolized and the body gets ready for the second phase.

In the next phase, a new series or processes are required for the substances. They undergo acetylation, amino acid conjugation, methylation reactions, conjugation, sulfation, glucuronidation and glutathione conjugation. This is the part where the substances are detoxified and they can be excreted since they become water-soluble.

Liver problems

You need to take care of your liver and get your nutrients and vitamins that it needs. However, a busy schedule can easily prevent you from supporting your live the way you are supposed to. The more you forget about it, the harder things will become for you. By stopping the detox organ from doing its job, toxins won’t be eliminated and instead they will begin to circulate in our bodies.

It is interesting to notice that neglecting your liver will lead to symptoms that are similar to the ones of thyroid diseases. For example, fatigue, weakness, joint paint, weight loss and others are specific for thyroid diseases, despite the fact that they are caused by liver problems. Additionally, that begin to appear in your body will also come with some other negative effects such as itchy skin, breakouts, rashes, chemical sensitivity.

The connection between thyroid disease and liver issues

If someone suffers from Hashimoto and has a damaged liver as well, that person might notice that they are extremely sensitive when it comes to drugs and foods. In these cases, the patient might notice allergies and negative reactions to certain things. Many confirmed that after the Hashimoto diseases in their lives, allergies soon followed.

Create the right diet

You want to support your liver because it is working very hard in this situation. Find the right foods that are supported and add them to your diet. Here are some foods that are recommended for everyone that finds himself in this situation: berries, fiber, green juices, beets, and hot lemon water.

A diet also means that you have to give up certain foods. You want to avoid those that can irritate the gut or cause toxin build-up. There are certain foods that can cause some dramatic outcomes if they are combined with Hashimoto’s disease. To name a few, it is best to stay away a bit from dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and gluten.

Toxins are everywhere

It is very complicated to live a life where you avoid completely toxins. That is because they are almost everywhere around us. The best we can do is to give up on certain things that are truly damaging. A good example are herbicide and pesticides. It is true, agriculture has been growing and evolving very quickly. It is hard to find organic vegetables and fruits whenever you feel like, but there are some alternatives.

Fluoride is another substance that can lead to way forward better policies. For example, a British study made me us understand just how dangerous fluoridated water can be. In fact it has been noticed that areas with that kind of water were twice as likely to have patients that suffered from hypothyroidism.

You can also find lots of toxins in beauty products, you might want to give them up, at least for a while. Obviously, we are talking about the products that have a high number of chemicals. You can find lots of products that are free of toxins and work just as well.

Mercury is just as harmful. You can find it in your fish, including tuna, which means that it is not that you will have to be careful when you are eating fish. Try to find a fish that has a lower mercury level.


If you suffer from Hashimoto disease and you also want to keep under control your liver, you should know that it is recommended to see a doctor before you make any decision. We can offer you some useful advice, but only a doctor will analyze your own situation specifically and he will come up with a treatment that was created especially for your needs. You can consult with a Thyroid Pharmacist in order to make sure that the treatment works fine with your thyroid disease as well.

For example, many people in this situation have noticed that they have allergic reaction to certain supplements. It can be hard to find the right supplements since you don’t want to spend money and then discover that you are sensitive to them.



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