Looking to Meet New People on Your Travels? Here’s How!

Looking to Meet New People on Your Travels? Here’s How!

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A lot of people travel to experience new locations and meet new people – to step out of their comfort zones and discover something exciting. Meeting new people along the way is a valuable experience. If you’re a solo traveler or using traveling as a hopeful means to make some new friends and connect with others, it can often be a daunting prospect to know where to start.

Here are some great ways to ensure that you’re integrating with new people in a safe environment, and hopefully end up making friends for life.

Stay in Shared Hostel Dormitories

One way of guaranteeing you’ll meet new people is to share a room with them. Sharing a dormitory in a hostel is not only ridiculously cheap for traveling compared to a private room, but it also means you’ll have the opportunity to speak to people who have potentially come from all over the world. Hostels are full of travelers, which means you’re bound to be sharing a room with another solo traveler from a different country.

Furthermore, if you’re located in the same hostel, the chances are high that the other people in your dorm will be checking out the local area, too.

So, you may end up finding somebody you can buddy up with and share an experience or event together.

Try a Retreat

Organized retreats are the perfect opportunities for being put together with a group of people and sharing the same experience. You can form firm bonds with others when you’re collected together in a specific location for a set amount of time.

There are many different kinds of retreats you can try such as relaxation retreats, retreats for individuals of a certain age group or Fitness Holidays with Ultimate Fitness if you’re looking for a health-focused atmosphere.

Retreats are also ideal vacations because everybody will be there for the same reason, meaning you’re more likely to connect with like-minded people.

Book Group Excursions

Booking a group tour or excursion means you’ll be spending a period of time, perhaps even the whole day or more, with a set group of people, and therefore have the time to bond and get to know them.

Especially if it is a high-adrenaline group experience, such as water rafting or a skydive, you’re more likely to make firm friends when you have to depend on one another for the activity to be a success. There’s also nothing like moral support when you’re about to do something very daring together.

Pay Attention to Who You’re Traveling With

If your travels see you hopping from different methods of transport, be aware of who might be sat on their own, who you end up sat beside or who is close by. Chances are, as a solo traveler, you might end up taking the unoccupied seat next to a fellow solo traveler and striking up a conversation may see you making a firm friend.

During trip excursions, it’s very likely group leaders will also ask who is traveling alone in order to seat them in a spare seat they might have, so be sure to always speak up if you’re riding solo.



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