Los Angeles Dodgers Sponsor Second ‘LGBT Night Out’

Los Angeles Dodgers Sponsor Second ‘LGBT Night Out’

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Dodgers PicThe second annual LGBT Night Out at Dodger Stadium will be held Friday, August 22.

The Los Angeles Dodgers partnered with Tom Whitman and Flip Events to host this event, which was created to show inclusion in baseball.

“Baseball recently showed the importance of inclusion at the All-Star Game with the hiring of former Dodger Billy Bean as its ambassador,” Lon Rosen, Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer said.

The LGBT Night Out game comes just weeks after the recognition of former Dodger Glenn Burke, who was out to most during his baseball career in 1980.

“We look forward to once again welcoming and recognizing the LGBT community of Los Angeles to Dodger Stadium,” Rosen said. “They are an integral part of this great city of ours and the Dodger community.”

As part of the Major League Baseball’s dedication to inclusion, Bean will serve as a consultant in helping the sport become more inclusive and equal.

“The Dodgers are continuing to stand on the right side of history, by reaching out to all of the communities of Los Angeles, including the LGBT community and their straight allies,” Senior Vice President of Flip said.

Mary Lambert will sing the national anthem as well as throw the first pitch. Fireworks will also be included and music by DJ Manny Lehman.

Flip added, “Major sports franchises are not often in front of equality issues, but the Dodgers have always been trailblazers from the days of Jackie Robinson through today. LGBT Night Out will be a fun, celebratory night for all fans who believe in diversity, inclusion and great baseball.”



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