Lush Cosmetics Soaks Sochi in Love with New Campaign

Lush Cosmetics Soaks Sochi in Love with New Campaign

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lush-cosmeticsOne cosmetic company is speaking out against anti-gay discrimination at the Sochi Olympics.

Lush has launched a new campaign in an attempt to “keep attention on the country’s anti-gay propaganda law that criminalizes the promotion of ‘non-traditional sexual relations’ to minors.”

“In its Valentine’s campaign, Lush’s stores will display signs proclaiming ‘We believe in Love.’ Staff will also encourage customers to paint pink triangles on their bodies as a symbol of support for equal love. Yet the campaign, a response to Russia’s anti-gay legislation, would be at risk of violating the country’s ‘homosexual propaganda’ law if the signs appeared in any of the retailer’s 63 Russian shops…” The Independent reported.

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect to time to stand up [for] everyone’s right for love. No country, company, or individual can stop love; all they can do is punish people for that love,” said Tamsin Omond, head of Lush campaigns. “To do so – to forbid or criminalize love – is unnatural and cruel, so I am proud that we are standing in solidarity with LGBTQ people and campaigning for equal love.”

Activist Peter Tatchell thinks Lush contrasts with the corporate sponsors of the 2014 Olympics like Coca Cola, McDonalds and Visa because Lush isn’t afraid to speak out.

“They have shown great cowardice by refusing to make any public statement criticizing Russia’s anti-gay laws and the escalating levels of homophobic violence in Russia,” Tatchell said of the Olympic corporate sponsors.

Part of the campaign launch is on Pinterest, asking people to put up pictures of themselves with the triangle mark on their body. They have also urged people to sign a petition that encourages “leaders around the world and within Russia to work to eliminate all anti-gay laws and protect all citizens from violence and discrimination in Russia.”

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