Luxury All The Way At The DoubleTree – Westminster

Luxury All The Way At The DoubleTree – Westminster

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The DoubleTree – Westminster
The DoubleTree – Westminster

The bellmen were at our Uber van door and they were already loading up our luggage onto a cart and guiding us to be checked into the DoubleTree – Westminster (30 John Islip Street) in London before we knew what was happening.

An official hotel of Wimbledon, The DoubleTree – Westminster, was first-class just as the entire experience was at one of London’s biggest events. One of the perks of the room being a part of Super G’s Wimbledon package was the early check-in.

I hadn’t had breakfast yet, but every member of our group was handed a chocolate chip cookie the moment we stepped up to the front desk to check into our rooms. We were immediately ushered to our rooms, three of the 460 in the 14-floor building, that were waiting and ready for us to settle into them for the day. The hotel also has 16 suites. Once we received our keys, our bellman was right there with our luggage leading the way.

Our room was plush, fit maybe not for a queen, but at least one of her prized staff members. We didn’t have a view, but it had a very comfortable king size bed, Apple TV, Wi-Fi, bar, sitting area, and a desk for me to work comfortably. The bathroom was small, but outfitted with everything a girl needs.

Built in 2003 and renovated in 2013, the hotel was modern, which Super G really liked.

Staying at the DoubleTree – Westminster was the perfect way to experience Girls That Roam’s final night in London.

If I didn’t have places to go and things to see, I might have camped out in the room and ordered room service it was so comfortable. Fortunately, there was one last day of London to explore and the sky was clear for the moment that morning. Enjoying the luxury of the room would have to wait until the evening and the bottle of the Queen’s Champagne I splurged on at Buckingham Palace and brought back for Super G and me to enjoy a special evening in the room.

The DoubleTree-Westminster’s lobby
The DoubleTree-Westminster’s lobby

Amenities & Services

Britain and Europe for the most part isn’t very accessible-friendly, but being an American hotel in Britain, the DoubleTree – Westminster, which is a part of the Hilton Worldwide, is up to date with the most recent American with Disabilities Act code. However, getting to some facilities, such as the business center to the pool and spa is still a work in progress.

For able-bodied travelers, such as ourselves, the DoubleTree – Westminster offers a decent fitness room that is clean, two dining options within the hotel, typical business services, including an Executive Lounge, to family-friendly services.

I took advantage of the Concierge desk to get to the local Starbucks and the Globe Theatre. Our bellman was back at the desk and he was very helpful and friendly offering suggestions and alternatives according to my plans for the day.

The Millbank Lounge at the DoubleTree – Westminster
The Millbank Lounge at the DoubleTree – Westminster


The hotel offers a couple of dining options for guests from the Café to the Millbank Lounge, where we had dinner after Super G and her friends returned from Wimbledon and the rest of us returned from our day of exploring London and Britain.

The menu offered typical English pub food and even Chicken Tikka Masala, which Super G ordered as we never made it to “Little India” in Southall of Ealing in West London. I ordered a burger, but don’t expect to get your meat cooked rare or medium rare, lightly well-done is what the English only serve up. They’re still quite scared by and have an issue with mad cow disease.

Either way, we were both satisfied by our meals.


If we didn’t want to eat at the hotel, restaurants were only a block or two away on Vincent Square.

The DoubleTree – Westminster is tucked away in the center of London near the Thames River and not far from Buckingham Palace in one direction, Westminster Palace in another direction and the Tate Britain in the other direction.

It’s incredibly easy to get around London from this location on the tube (subway) at St. James Station.

The king size bed room with small sitting area, desk, and bar
The king size bed room with small sitting area, desk, and bar


 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Westminster, 30 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4DD, United Kingdom. +44 20 7630 1000.

RATING: 4 = black

(5 best – 0 worst: color code: 5 = midnight blue; 4 = black; 3 = Aqua; 2 = orange; 1 = gold; and 0 = green)

TYPE OF LODGING: Moderate, Luxury, Hilton Worldwide

CHECK OUT: $$ = $100 – $175

(Lowest price for a single night in a standard room during high-season)

SWEET DREAMS: Not to be American-centric, but it was “All-American” in London, which was comforting for a night before delving back into European lodging.

WORTH THE SLEEP?: zzz = Like being at home

VIBE: The hotel was comfortable and cozy and the service very welcoming and friendly. We couldn’t feel more comfortable.

SCENE: People were dressed ready for Wimbledon or for business. We didn’t feel out of place in our jeans and shorts.

LOCATION: Perfectly central location within walking distance of famous sites and landmarks, easy to get to public transit to get around the city, and restaurants and bars are nearby.

ROOM: Comfortable and cozy and equipped with everything we needed: a king size bed, an Apple TV, Wi-Fi, a desk, sitting area, bar, and room service if we wanted.

BATHROOM: Briefly describe what the bathroom is like in two to three sentences (small, spacious, separate shower and tub, Jacuzzi tub, armoire with magnified mirror, etc.?

AMENITIES: The hotel has everything its American version has from a fitness facility with a pool and spa to a café and bar/restaurant, Executive Lounge, and is even mostly up to date on the ADA code.

Originally published by Girls That Roam.

To book your stay at DoubleTree – Westminster, contact Heather Cassell at Girls That Roam Travel in association with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos at 415-517-7239 at




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