Macklemore: Gay Uncles, Godfather Inspires Music

Macklemore: Gay Uncles, Godfather Inspires Music

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Rapper Macklemore has been very vocal about his stance on marriage equality. Even his song, “Same Love” talks about the stereotypes drilled into kids and the rap lyrics circling around bashing gay people.

Macklemore grew up in the Catholic Church and hip hop community. He also has two gay uncles and a gay godfather. Macklemore told Fuse at Lollapalooza this year that he tried to write the song from the perspective of a gay bullied kid.


“I touched on it coming from that perspective, and also coming from the perspective of having gay people in my family and seeing examples of committed, beautiful relationships that have gone on for the last 20, 30 years,” Macklemore said. “And [it was] also [about] holding my community, the hip hop community, accountable for how we use language.”

The day after the historic Supreme Court ruling declared DOMA unconstitutional, Macklemore talked about the progress the United States made, but acknowledged the work that still needs to be done.

“It’s a victory not only for the LGBT community and those rejoicing with friends, family and loved ones, but also a victory for all who devote their lives to fight for what is constitutionally and ethically right,” he wrote.

Macklemore said that while the ruling was “monumental and imperative,” 37 states still discriminate against same-sex marriage so true equality for the LGBT community has still not been reached.

While work needs to be done within the government to ensure rights for all, Macklemore said homophobia is still a huge issue.

“…The real work lies in deconstructing the core of where the fear around same-sex couples comes from,” Macklemore wrote. “Homophobia and intolerance continue to play a strong role in many households, schools, media and religious institutions in our country. Without directly addressing the real issues and where they stem from, America’s momentum towards justice will be stagnant and insincere.”

Macklemore hopes that this new ruling will spark discussions in homes, schools and social circles and force people to “push ourselves past the point of what’s comfortable and socially accepted.”

He encouraged the straight community to help out too, as this issue isn’t just within the LGBT community.

“We, especially those of us whose rights are secure, are challenged to not sit passively in this crucial moment of cultural progress,” Macklemore wrote. “We all have a part to play.”



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