Madonna on Russia: We Have a Responsibility

Madonna on Russia: We Have a Responsibility

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After being targeted herself by Russian law, Madonna has joined the Human Rights Campaign’s “Love Conquers Hate” initiative to stop the LBGT community from being targeted in Russia.

With the new laws banning homosexual behavior, much of the world is concerned for the Russian LGBT community.

“Even with the 2014 Sochi Olympics just a few months away, fair-minded Russians are facing fines, harassment and violence at the hand of thugs,” Madonna wrote on the Human Rights Campaign’s website. “At this dangerous moment in Russian history, we, as advocates, have a responsibility to speak up and take our hopeful message global. Make no mistake about it: the goal of these hateful laws is to leave LGBT Russians feeling isolated. Worthless. Completely alone.”

Lawyer for the Russian LGBT Network, Maria Kozlovskaya, thinks it’s great to see support from American celebrities.

“It is very important that celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga join initiatives of that kind,” she said.

After a performance in St. Petersburg last August, a local organization tried to sue her for $10 million under the gay propaganda law after she spoke in support of gay rights. The court threw out the lawsuit.

Lady Gaga is also under fire, as a local resident claimed her 13-year-old daughter was subjected to “an imitation of sexual intercourse between women and advocacy of alcohol consumption,” during her St. Petersburg show last December.

“Together, we can send a message to LGBT Russians that the world is on their side,” Madonna wrote. “And that those who seek to support them aren’t alone in this fundamental fight for fairness.”

Madonna is asking fans to help support with a Love Conquers Hate t-shirt.



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