Make-up Evolution 2017

Make-up Evolution 2017

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makeupoOver the last 50 years, everything in the makeup industry and artistry have changed. Where women preferred to use pale pink lipstick with plenty of mascara along with foundation and powder which was refreshed hourly, changes have been seen over the last decade where trends are changing fast with alarming regularity.

The fashion industry along with makeup is changing consistently with new trends being introduced and changing before the blink of an eye. Many that are on the lookout for something fresh every other day can consider a trend introduced a week ago as outdated fashion. Apart from a few habits, which have remained as they were without major changes, certain things have evolved and made it easier for women and in some cases even men to adapt to the evolution, which has been seen. If you still believe things are similar as they were earlier we recommend you look at this site to get a better idea about how makeup has evolved.

What Is The Noticeable Difference Presently As Compared to The Last Five Decades

The evolution that is most noticeable is the fact that women presently do not have sufficient time at their disposal to waste on merely looking better. Does this indicate that women have given up on the art of makeup? No, they certainly haven’t but they have adopted an approach, which is rather simple and delivers to them a streamlined effect which provides them better looks with fewer cosmetics.

Women in the past had to deal with an endless list of products, which included foundation, rogue, powder, talc, and hairspray, apart from lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. Some of these products are being used even until this day with a few changes being made by the manufacturers of the products. Moisturizers with SPF combined with gentle cleansers have replaced the heavy facial cream which was being used earlier and foundations have been lightened to allow the natural skin tones to shine through are increasingly being preferred by the users.

The foundation, which is available presently, isn’t of the quality that was being used earlier. It’s light and nearly translucent and gives the natural tone of the skin to be displayed. The foundation used during the past represented the makeup, which was used on movie sets while the modern versions just cover the flaws of the skin without obscuring the skin itself.

Some Things, However, Have Remained The Same

The evolution of makeup is an ongoing affair and changes will be witnessed as producers of cosmetics develop new products to make it easier for women or men to use them and look better. However, some things have still remained the same with minor changes being made to improve the quality of the products. Lipstick is perhaps the primary example because this is an essential requirement for most women. Changes have also been made to the type of moisturizers that were earlier available. Manufacturers of moisturizers are concerned that the sun can damage the skin and therefore they have included SPF in the moisturizers for protection against sun damage.

The artistry for makeup and makeup itself has changed over the last 50 years but the women and other individuals that are wearing makeup have not changed. The desire to appear beautiful will continue to remain with people and is something that every individual can achieve with the vast array of products that are currently on the market.



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