Malcolm Ingram Chronicles LGBT Pro Athletes In ‘Out To Win’

Malcolm Ingram Chronicles LGBT Pro Athletes In ‘Out To Win’

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Jason Collins/Sports Illustrated
Jason Collins/Sports Illustrated

Director Malcom Ingram is gaining his grip on the documentary world. The Sundance alum’s (Small Town Gay Bar, Bear Nation, Continental) newest film, Out to Win, will look at the history and future of LGBT professional athletes, according to Deadline.

The documentary “chronicles the present-day victories for LGBT athletes within a historical context of those who have come before, highlighting the experiences of athletes who have fought and struggled, both in and out of the closet.”

The film will be told through former NFL, MLB and NBA players of both the past and present.

“The closet has been a complicated burden for so many throughout the history of professional sports, so it has been a privilege to speak with these athletes and have them share their powerful and fascinating stories with me,” Ingram said.

Ingram made history with his film about the Continental Baths because prior to his documentary, little had been documented about the legendary gay bathhouse. He thought AIDS was a large reason why no one had spoken of the bathhouses.

“It has such a profound effect on the gay community,” Ingram told Hollywood Reporter. “And I think the last thing people wanted to look back on fondly was that wonderful time when everybody was having sex freely and having a great ol’ time. A lot of time needed to pass before people fondly looked back at a place like Continental.”

With athletes like Jason Collins and Michael Sam making headlines with their sexuality, it seems like a timely documentary.

“I hope audiences will find the experience of hearing them as enriching as I have, and I’m honored to be a part of telling them.”

Out to Win is shooting for an early 2015 premiere.



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