Marriage Equality Ad Runs in Utah, Features Straight Couple and Gay Son

Marriage Equality Ad Runs in Utah, Features Straight Couple and Gay Son

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TheSmithsFor Mother’s Day, Freedom to Marry and Utah United for Marriage released an ad featuring the family of Drs. Wendy Matis and Dale Smith of Millcreek, talking about their support for their gay son and marriage for same-sex couples in Utah.  The ad will run beginning Saturday and into the week.

“All parents want the best for their children, and every child should be able to dream of falling in love and building a life together with someone they care for, the hope at the heart of the freedom to marry,” said Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry. “This ad sends a Mother’s Day message that marriage matters to loving and committed gay couples for the same reasons as anyone else, including the ability to protect their loved ones and deepen their connection with their kin and communities. In quiet conversations all across Utah, as across the country, people are coming to understand that ending exclusion from civil marriage strengthens families and strengthens the community, while harming no one.”

The ad particularly highlights Dr. Matis, who just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with Dr. Smith and speaks movingly about her desire for her two children to marry, including her gay son Sean.

“We always wanted our children to feel like their family was there for them,” Dr. Matis says in the ad. “We want Sean to have what we have – a happy marriage. The three weeks when marriage was legal here, we felt just as good as everyone else.”

The ad comes as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals considers Kitchen v. Herbert, which challenges Utah’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples.  The Utah case marks the first marriage equality case to be heard by a federal appellate court since the landmark Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor last year. A ruling is expected in the next few months.



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