Marriage Equality Support Reaches Two-Thirds in Ireland

Marriage Equality Support Reaches Two-Thirds in Ireland

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4173828033_fced259fe3A new poll for support of same-sex marriage in Ireland shows three-quarters of the public is now in favor, according to the Irish Times

Though a referendum on same-sex marriage is to be held before the summer of 2015, members of the Catholic hierarchy have made it clear it will be a challenge.

According to the poll, a small majority of those who consider themselves “very religious” were now in favor of same-sex marriage. Women and urbanites were more accepting of same-sex marriage than men and farmers. Less than 10 percent of the responders that considered themselves “very religious” between the ages of 18 and 50 favored marriage equality while 30 percent of people over 65 that described themselves as “very religious” mostly opposed.

“The groups most likely to vote in a referendum – because of religious or other convictions – contain a sizable percentage of determined activists,” the Irish Times said. “In the absence of a resolute political campaign, and faced by well-organized opponents, the margin in favor of same-sex marriages could be quickly eroded.”

Because the Ministers are currently dealing with so many Garda-related (the Irish police force) controversies, addressing same-sex marriage may not be the main focus right now. Due to recent government phone tapping and the treatment of whistle-blowers, the poll showed the public’s loss of confidence in authority when it came to politics and business, with doctors and judges gaining the highest level of public trust.

Regardless of trust issues, the referendum is set for a year from now, so if the poll is correct, approval of same-sex marriage will only continue going up.



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