Marriage in WA State: 17% Uptick in 2013

Marriage in WA State: 17% Uptick in 2013

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558544_401282503306946_2083044324_nWith the first year of gay marriages underway, the Washington State Department of Heath said gay weddings accounted for 17 percent of marriages in Washington this year.

With a total of 42,408 marriages in the state between December 2012 and December 2013, about 7,071 of them were same-sex couples, 62 percent of those being between two women.

Though 14 other states plus the District of Columbia allow gay marriage now, their numbers aren’t as accurate and detailed as Washington’s because gay marriage is a little newer.

State Rep. Jamie Pedersen thought the number of gay weddings was higher than he was expecting.

During the five years before gay marriage was legal, just 9,500 couples registered as domestic partners, about 950 of them being not gay.

“In terms of the uptake in marriages, that’s a remarkable number,” Pedersen said.

All but one of Washington’s 39 counties, Garfield County, reported same-sex marriages.

As far as tourism, about one-fourth of the couples that got married were from another state. Oregon brought in the most marriages, 524, while 170 came from Texas.

Pedersen said he was pleased to be proven right about gay marriage driving tourism to the state and the fact so many gay couples were interested in the institution of marriage.



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