Mary Lambert Releases ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ Video

Mary Lambert Releases ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ Video

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cropped-mary-2Seattle’s own Mary Lambert released her music video for the song “She Keeps Me Warm,” the chorus stemming from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit song “Same Love” just a few days ago and it’s already blowing up.

Between the focus on the very real lesbian relationship portrayal in the video, the lovely and soothing voice of Lambert, and the extremely attractive coffee barista, it’s clear why the video is making an impact on the LGBT community.

HuffPost Live caught up with Lambert to discuss her video.

“I’m so proud of this video. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for years, and it almost feels like I’m giving birth. I’m already starting to cry right now,” Lambert said. “It’s emotional, you know? I just wonder if other lesbians OR folks in the gay community OR plus size girls have felt as frustrated as I am that is very little visibility, if at all, of their bodies in music videos.”

Lambert said that two years ago, she researched YouTube for a mainstream music video that truly depicted a lesbian relationship. She could only find videos with hot girls in lingerie, holding hands briefly, or using lesbian relationships as a shock value. Fed up, she created her own. However, she did have some fears when creating the video.

“I keep trying to put myself in an outsider’s perspective, to see if it would mean as much, and I think it really does. I think it’s important that there’s a song that explicitly has female pronouns and portrays a lesbian couple in the video,” Lambert said. “I was a little scared of doing it for awhile, because I thought that it might alienate my audience. I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable or not want to sing along to something!”

Lambert said she originally “underestimated the straight world.”

“Women sing this song at the top of their lungs, and don’t give two shits if it’s about a lesbian relationship. They sing: “She keeps me warm, she keeps me waaaarm” and enjoy singing it! I think it’s giving visibility to the normalcy of gay relationships. We’re just as boring as everyone else – grocery shopping, farting in front of each other, Netflix binges. We’re not rolling around in lingerie or having make-out orgies in pink pajamas while men watch,” the singer bluntly said. “I think the video takes away the novelty and over-sexualized nature of perceived lesbian relationships.”

The video was created with an all-queer female crew which made the environment very safe, Lambert said. She also emphasized that working with director Mego Lin made everything easy because she’s “the kindest person in the universe.”

The song has had a huge impact on queer women (and men) all over. Lambert said she reads every single piece of mail she receives and often breaks down into tears. Happy tears, that is.

“I think the one that sticks out in my head is a girl I met in Texas. She had come out to her family, and unfortunately her mother was less than understanding. Rather than talking, her mom chose to pretend it didn’t happen. A year passed and her mom picked her up from college to drive back home, which was a two-hour trip. The girl and I had met briefly after a show and I gave her an autograph. She wanted to show her mom the song. They were both silent, intent on listening to every word,” Lambert recalled.

“The mom started crying, and then the girl followed suit (Good lord, I get so weepy when I recount this story). The mom apologized for being upset and asked for the daughter’s forgiveness. A real understanding and dialogue occurred after the song. In the email, the girl said: “That was the first time I felt like someone was on my side.”

“As an artist, I don’t think you can’t really ask for more than that.”



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