Massachesetts: Gender Identity, Expression Passes in Newton

Massachesetts: Gender Identity, Expression Passes in Newton

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Kistler House, Newton, Massachusetts
Kistler House, Newton, Massachusetts

At the recommendation of Mayor Setti Warren and the Newton Human Rights Commission, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously on Monday evening to amend the City’s non-discrimination ordinance to include gender identity or expression. The amended language will extend anti-discrimination protections to transgender individuals, including in places of public accommodation, an area which is not currently covered under state law and is included in only nine local ordinances in Massachusetts.

“I am extremely proud that Newton continues to be an inclusive and welcoming community that is committed to protecting the rights of all people. I applaud the efforts of Holly Ryan and the Newton Human Rights Commission in advocating for a transgender inclusive ordinance and I thank the Board of Aldermen for their support,” said Mayor Setti Warren.

“When I was appointed to the Human Rights Commission almost three years ago by the Mayor, I placed a mandate on myself to acquire full rights for the Transgender Community in Newton before my first term came to an end in January. We have accomplished this. I could not have done this without a welcoming Mayor, Board of Alderman and residents of the City of Newton.  These protections say that it is safe and welcoming for all to live, visit and feel free to take part in all our great city has to offer,” said Holly Ryan, Newton Human Rights Commissioner.



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