Mayor Bloomberg Donates $250 Thousand to Maryland Marriage Equality Campaign

Mayor Bloomberg Donates $250 Thousand to Maryland Marriage Equality Campaign

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The Seattle Lesbian reported July 28, 2012 (Mayor Bloomberg: Same-Sex Weddings Boosted Economy $259 Million in First Year):

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta and New York City Clerk Michael McSweeney announced that one year after the enactment of the Marriage Equality Act, same sex-marriages in New York City have generated an estimated $259 million in economic impact and $16 million in City revenues.

The economic impact survey was conducted by NYC & Company and the City Clerk’s Office and found same-sex marriages generated significant additional revenue for New York City’s tourism industry with more than half of same-sex couples holding wedding celebrations in venues across the five boroughs. More than 200,000 guests traveled from outside of the City to same-sex marriage events and more than 235,000 hotel room nights were booked at an average daily room rate of $275.

“Marriage equality has made our City more open, inclusive and free – and it has also helped to create jobs and support our economy,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “New York has always been a great place to get married and since the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, we’re welcoming more and more couples, their families and friends from around the country and the world.”

Now, three months later, fresh news is rolling through the pipes that Bloomberg has donated $250 thousand to the same-sex marriage fight in Maryland. In a letter posted to the Marylanders for Marriage Equality blog, Bloomberg writes:

October 12, 2012

Friend –

Maryland will always hold a special place in my heart. I went to college at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and have remained active in the Hopkins community. So when Governor O’Malley asked me to support Question 6, I didn’t hesitate.

As a business leader and Mayor of New York City, I do not believe that government has any business telling one class of couples that they cannot marry. The 14th Amendment guarantees us all equal protection under the law, and that’s what Question 6 does — it treats all citizens equally under the law, while protecting religious liberty at the same time.

Two years ago, I was proud to support the effort to pass marriage equality in the State of New York — and the bi-partisan support it received resulted in one of our state’s great civil rights victories.

Around the country, a few legislatures and state courts have taken action to extend marriage equality to all couples, regardless of gender. But never before have voters affirmed marriage equality in a statewide referendum. By voting “FOR” on Question 6, I believe Maryland will become the first state in the nation to affirm marriage equality at the ballot box.

On Tuesday, November 6th – Election Day – you will have an opportunity to make history.

The next great barrier to full equality under the law is marriage equality. There is no doubt in my mind this barrier will fall, just as so many others have. The question is not if, but when. And it is my hope that you will answer that question for Maryland on Tuesday, November 6th.

Please join me and support Question 6.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Maryland became the eighth state to recognize same-sex marriage in March 2012 when Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley signed the bill into law.  This issue is now up for public vote in the November election.



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