Mayor Elect Murray Announces Transitional Team

Mayor Elect Murray Announces Transitional Team

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Photo: Ed Murray
Photo: Ed Murray

Seattle Mayor Elect Ed Murray announced at a press conference held Thursday afternoon that former Seattle City Councilmember Martha Choe and former City of Seattle budget director Dwight Dively will serve as the co-chairs of his transition.

Murray began his career in public service as an aide to Choe, who served eight years on the City Council. She is currently Chief Administrative Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but will be acting as co-chair of the transition in a personal capacity (as will Dively).

Dively, currently the Director of the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget for King County, previously served as Director of Finance for the City of Seattle.

“I am deeply honored that Martha and Dwight have agreed to take on this important role,” Murray said. “Martha gave me my first job in public service, and I still consider her a mentor.  And Dwight is universally acknowledged to be one of our region’s foremost experts on issues of governance and budgeting.”

Murray is slated to take office on January 1, and Choe and Dively, working closely with Mayor Elect Murray, will lead the effort to evaluate City department directors and organize and staff the mayor’s office.

Murray and the co-chairs will move quickly to form a full transition committee, which Murray has pledged will reflect the diversity of the city. They intend to announce the full committee next week.

According to the Murray for Mayor Campaign: The morning after the vote, Mayor Mike McGinn called Ed Murray to concede in the Seattle mayor’s race. The conversation was substantive and cordial. After Mayor McGinn congratulated Ed on his victory, Ed thanked the mayor for his service, and told him that he respected his tremendous passion and dedication to the people of Seattle. Murray added that he will always remember Mayor McGinn as a partner in what has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his political career. And Ed assured the mayor that he understands that there is only one mayor at a time, and he will refrain from any comments that might undercut Mayor’s authority. During the conversation, the two agreed to work together to put in place an orderly and smooth transition.



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