Mayor-Elect Murray’s Transitional Dream Team

Mayor-Elect Murray’s Transitional Dream Team

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1395947_461649097278060_933654550_nCalling it a team that looks like Seattle, Mayor-elect Ed Murray Friday announced the members of the committee that will advise his transition and help solidify his mayoral agenda as he prepares to assume office in January.

“No transition team can fully capture the breadth of Seattle’s diversity, but this team comes close,” said Murray. “This is what inclusiveness and collaboration look like. These are highly respected voices from a wide variety of communities all across the city, and I’m very grateful for their willingness to help launch the next administration. I look forward to listening to and learning from their knowledge of the major issues facing the constituencies they represent. Hearing from these important voices will be essential in integrating their communities’ values into my overall vision for the city.”

The 43 transition committee participants will be given specific tasks between now and the end of the year to help the Mayor-elect build and maintain open lines of communication with the communities they represent. Participants will also be asked to host at least one listening session with Murray within their respective communities during the Mayor-elect’s administration.

“It’s going to be critical for me as mayor to keep a pulse on what’s important to Seattle – as a city at large, certainly, but also community by community,” said Murray. “Creating this process now and continuing it into my administration will help me maintain a strong sense of what all corners of Seattle are looking for as we move forward as a city.”

The transition committee convenes for the first time on November 22 at a time and place to be determined. Murray will announce several key hires on his executive leadership staff over the coming days.



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