Medical Devices Likely to Be Adopted Soon in San Diego Hospitals

Medical Devices Likely to Be Adopted Soon in San Diego Hospitals

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e833b20828fd1c3e81584d04ee44408be273ebdc11b2114395f5_640_medicalAs the recent Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego demonstrates, the need for improved medical devices in our hospitals and for outpatients is one way to manage medical issues and prevent new problems. As much as prevention is better than a cure (and far less expensive to treat in many cases), it’s no surprise that the medical community continues to be excited about advancements in technology that helps the profession.

At the recent CES trade show, a number of startups presented products that straddle the line between tech and medical in the same way that “fintech” innovations have been threatening traditional banking with new ways to manage money.

Here are three of the new medical devices that demonstrate new thinking in tech and medical fields.

Mio Slice

Mio Slice is a new type of fitness tracker that’s worn on the wrist but does much more than most recent models from the likes of Samsung and others. This tracker allows the wearer to create their own customized fitness routine and physical activity plan based on how their heart rate currently responds to physical exertion.

The idea behind this subtle change to the traditional way that fitness trackers function is to mold the technology to fit the wearer. Rather than offering up a pre-set list of exercise routines, the tracker lets the wearer see how their heart rate responds to their walking, jogging or other activities, and then sets goals based around that. This avoids unsafe exercise that’s too much for someone to complete.

How’s Your Skin Today?

We don’t think about our skin too much. Certainly, men don’t. Women apply makeup and moisturizers, so their skin is more on their mind. This disparity is about to change with Samsung’s S-Skin product. It is a micro-needle patch that goes on the skin and uses a LED light to scan for facts about the skin. Rather than rely on a dermatologist to tell you something obvious, this little device picks up your hydration level, whether the skin is dry or irritated, and the current melanin level too. A portable device collects the information and conveys it to the wearer.

Does Your Baby Have a Temperature?

The TempTraq is a smart device that gets placed on a baby’s skin. Once in place, it acts as a thermometer to check their temperature on a regular basis. The information is then fed through to the TempTraq mobile app so that the baby’s parents can check on them and be alerted should their baby begin to get hot or look like they’re developing a fever.

Advancing a Career in Medicine

For nurses who like to challenge themselves, the doctor of nurse practitioner programs at Regis College is interesting because it’s an entirely online course for nurses to upgrade from master’s level to doctorate level. The nurse practitioner doctorate degree is a useful way to stay relevant and gain access to the latest medical advancements affecting the profession.

New developments with mobile apps and clever improvements to how medical information is captured and shared, is changing the landscape for public health and putting the information back into the hands of the consumer.



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