Meet Lisa Evans of Black is Blue

Meet Lisa Evans of Black is Blue

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By Isis Asare

Dubbed “a Lesbian Spike Lee” by Newsday, Cheryl Dunye broke boundaries with the production of Watermelon Women (1996), the first feature length African-American lesbian film. Vilified by conservatives in Congress, defended by major newspapers, and celebrated by audiences and festivals around the world, Dunye is one of the most provocative, humorous and important filmmakers of our time.

In Cheryl Dunye’s latest project Black is Blue, the dashing Kingston Farady plays Black – a transman living a life as a cis-gendered man working for a security firm with a highly homophobic culture. When Black’s excitable ex-girlfriend Deja -played by Lisa Evans – becomes a subject of a complaint, Black fears his dark secret will come to the light.

In the video interview below, Isis Asare of Sistah Sinema, the film’s community sponsor, talks with Lisa Evans about her role in the film. Footage was shot and edited by Yeelen Kohen at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland, California.

About the author: Isis Asare (@isisasare) is the founder of Sistah Sinema (, a monthly event hosted in various cities screening queer women of color (QWOC) cinema. Asare recently launched Sistah Sinema – Online, a queer women of color (QWOC) video-on-demand channel on



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