Meet Tegan and Sara in Vancouver!

Meet Tegan and Sara in Vancouver!

Attention music fans! Who would like to be part of an intimate music session with the most adorable twin sisters in music? That’s right, Tegan and Sara are inviting 75 lucky fans to be part of a super-exclusive performance in Vancouver, B.C. on November 14, 2010. Vancouver is a mere 140 miles away from Seattle – hardly a hurdle for diehard Tegan and Sara fans!

The musical twins are planning to film the performance to be part of the new Tegan and Sara DVD to be released next year. They will be playing rare and classic Tegan and Sara favorites as well as answer questions from the audience.

So how can you be a part of this intimate session? Go to at noon today where you can submit an application. The application system will automatically be closed after the first 300 applications have been received so hurry, you don’t want miss out on a chance to meet your favorite lesbian twins and be featured on their new DVD!



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