Michael Sam 90-Minute Documentary to Air on OWN

Michael Sam 90-Minute Documentary to Air on OWN

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After being let go by the Dallas Cowboys in October, free agent Michael Sam will be the star of a 90-minute documentary with Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey was planning on creating a documentary series following his journey through the NFL just days after the St. Louis Rams picked Sam in the NFL draft, but coach Jeff Fisher put the kibosh on the idea.

“I think the Oprah thing, it caught us off-guard,” he said. “Whenever it takes place, I think it’ll be a positive piece.” Fisher said it just wasn’t the right time to invite cameras into the locker room.

However, now is the right time.

“Michael Sam is breaking down boundaries and showing the world what it means to be authentic to who you are no matter what the circumstance,” OWN president Erik Logan said. “That’s a central theme with the documentary and we hope it continues an important discussion. Michael is an inspiration to millions and we are proud to be able to share his courageous story-in his own words-with our audience.”

The documentary will discuss Sam’s decision to come out, his relationship with his boyfriend, media scrutiny, and more.

The documentary will air on Oprah’s network December 27.



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