Modern Moms: Five DIY Decorations for the Perfect Baby Shower

Modern Moms: Five DIY Decorations for the Perfect Baby Shower

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Being chosen to host a baby shower for a friend can be a great honor, but can also be confusing if you have never attended or organized one before. Many questions arise like what to serve, what activities to organize and most importantly, how to make the event look baby appropriate. If you are hosting a baby shower, here are five decoration ideas you can make by yourself.

Showering Umbrellas

Baby showers celebrate the rain of blessing coming in the form of a baby, and so having umbrellas as part of the decorations have been a common practice for a long time. Shower umbrellas can be made with some of the brollies the shower host keeps at home, you need little pieces of raindrop shaped cardboard attached to them to simulate the raindrops pitter-pattering on them. Of course, if large umbrellas are unavailable, putting umbrellas in drinking glasses is another decorative way to keep the theme going.

Diaper Cake

Not to be confused with dessert, this beautiful idea combines decor with gifting and can be used as an excellent centerpiece for the party. Assembled using diapers, ribbons, and rubber bands, you can create a small ‘cake’ using only a few diapers or go for a multi-layer cake. Since the diapers do not need to be opened in order to be used in the endeavor, they can be repackaged and given to the mother-to-be for her little one’s first days at home.

Floral Balloons

Balloons are an essential decoration for every party and attaching flowers to them creates a natural beauty and the impression of a flourishing life that is sure to please the mother-to-be. To do this, you can use fresh flower, but fake flowers do a better job as the decoration can be used around the house even after the baby shower is done. Helium balloons can be bought from The Works and help create the floating garden effect, giving the decoration an even more enchanting feel.

Baby Clothes Bunting

Using the baby gifts to create decorations at the shower is always a great idea, and creating a beautiful bunting out of baby clothes is another easy and eye-pleasing way to do this. As the host, you can contact the invitees to find out who has purchased baby clothes as gifts and then use them to create a pattern using similar colors of clothing items. The bunting can be set on a wall, a door, or across a fireplace if your home has one.

Guess The Guess Bunting

This is more of a combination of fun game and intriguing decoration. Communicating with guests beforehand, the host gets everyone to bring baby pictures of themselves which are then clipped together in a line. Guests must guess who is who, which can often time leads to lots of laughter.

With the right ideas, hosting a baby shower can be loads of fun and create memories that the mother-to-be will cherish forever. These decoration ideas are a great fit for the theme and are sure to delight everyone who attends.



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