MTV’s ‘True Life’ to Focus on Orlando Pulse Nightclub Victims

MTV’s ‘True Life’ to Focus on Orlando Pulse Nightclub Victims

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True Life/MTV
True Life/MTV

MTV announced their next installment of True Life will focus on four people who were injured during the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12.

True Life: We Are Orlando will premiere on August 15, but the network is releasing exclusive videos while production is still happening through their social media platforms. There will also be a dozen digital shorts leading up to the premiere.
The first two clips released show Tony Marrero as he is dealing with four gunshot wounds from the attack.
“People think that because I got released from the hospital and I’m in rehab right now, that I’m okay,” he says. “But I’m not okay. I’m still connected to a machine because of my back. I have a hole in my back. My arm is still shattered. It’s healing, but I don’t have movement in my two fingers.”
Adding, “I’m not okay, and that’s only physical. I can’t even start with mentally. I’m not nearly okay – I got so much stuff going on.”
In the second clip, Tony is seen going to the memorial of those lost in the shooting.
“I need to pay my respects for everybody that did not make it, and most importantly, I need to see Louis’ cross,” he said of Luis Vielma, his best friend, who was killed in the attack.
The episode will also show Patience Carter, Tiara Parker and Tiara’s cousin, Akyra, who were at Pulse nightclub while on vacation. They were shot while hiding in the bathroom during the three-hour standoff with the shooter. The episode also features Joshua McGill, who hid behind a car after jumping across the back wall of the nightclub. He then heard a stranger crying, who happened to be bartender and father of two, Rodney Sumter, and he made a tourniquet out of his shirt to stop the bleeding for Sumter.
True Life: We Are Orlando airs Monday, August 15 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.



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