Murray Endorsed by Pettigrew and Mason

Murray Endorsed by Pettigrew and Mason

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Murray/Inside Olympia
Murray/Inside Olympia

Seattle mayoral candidate Ed Murray announced Monday two major new endorsements from respected South Seattle leaders: current State Rep. Eric Pettigrew (D-37th) and former Rep. Dawn Mason.

Both Mason and Pettigrew had supported Councilmember Bruce Harrell in the mayoral primary. Harrell, too, has endorsed Murray.

“I’ve had a chance to work closely with Ed Murray on many issues of importance to the people of my district, and I know what makes him tick,” Pettigrew said. “Ed is the right choice to be our next mayor. He has demonstrated many times his staunch progressive commitment to the cause of social justice and to opening the door of economic opportunity to all, and his cooperative, coalition-building approach to governance is what we need in our next mayor.  He has my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Mason, who represented the 37th Legislative District for two terms, also offered her support.

“When Sen. Murray and I served together in the legislature, we both came under attack as we fought alongside each other to build a more just and equal society. Allowing injustice to any keeps the doors open for injustice to all people,” Mason said.

Mason gives many examples of why she knows Murray will make a good mayor for a city of global dimension. “Ed has been a constant help in sending to Seattle investments that span all parts of Seattle and reach all of Seattle’s residents. His vision goes well beyond programs for some and business development for others.”

Murray expressed his thanks for the vote of confidence from these highly respected community leaders.

“In my years of public service I have had the privilege of working closely with both Dawn and Eric and I have incredible respect for the work they have done – and continue to do – to make Seattle a more welcoming and more just place, especially for communities of color. So it is a tremendous honor for me to receive their endorsement today,” Murray said.



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