My Sunday School Guide to Gay

My Sunday School Guide to Gay

- in Entertainment, Faith and Religion

By Heather Ar’ite

When I was a kid, my church boycotted Disney…BoycottDisney1

Not because of Disney’s overseas sweatshops…

Disney Sweatshop

Or because of their lack of on-screen racial diversity…

Small White World

We weren’t even boycotting them because there appeared to be a giant, golden penis on the cover of one of their children’s movies…

Little Mermaid Censor

The reason we boycotted Disney was because they offered health-care benefits to their employees’ same-sex partners.

Disney is Gay

Our anger was a righteous one. After all, was it not because of homosexuality that God utterly obliterated Sodom and Gomorrah…?

sodom doom

awkward scene bible

Disney wasn’t our only target. We had enough disgust to spread around to everyone.

We banned homosexuals from joining our churches, from teaching in our schools, from running for political office and even from buying our cakes.

no gay cakes for you

We did everything in our power to isolate ourselves from them.

It was behind these walls that we constructed theories and collected rumors — then claimed to know everything there was to know about this group of people who we had no interaction.

Things like…

why are people gay

why are people gay it's he-man


We also knew that…

why are homosexuals unhappy


And we knew that…

gays and monogamy


We also knew that…

homosexuality is a choice

And we knew ..

gays turn their backs on god


I believed what I heard in Sunday School …100 percent.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized something. That old Bible story that was the gasoline to my righteous anger wasn’t even about homosexuality.


It was about God’s wrath toward a group of people who constructed walls and demonstrated hatred toward the vulnerable.

no gay cake

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