Nadia G on The Menstruators, Sick Kitchens and Partner Shaming

Nadia G on The Menstruators, Sick Kitchens and Partner Shaming

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Nadia G is back with Sick Kitchens, Partner Shaming and she's getting Irritated
Nadia G is back with Sick Kitchens, Partner Shaming and she’s getting Irritated

Bitchin Kitchen aficionado Nadia G approaches our interview in the way only she could. “You sound super clear right now, which is cool, because I have a bit of a hearing problem – a little too much loud rock n’ roll in my life so…yeah,” she tells me. But it’s not just the music she’s listened to in her lifetime – it’s the new music she’s playing.

“I started a band about six months ago, so I’m well on my way to being completely deaf in the next year or so. So let’s get this interview done while I can still hear you,” she says.

Starting a band is one of the new things Nadia is partaking in these days.

“Oh my god, it’s amazing. I’ve always loved music; it’s been a massive passion of mine and – as you know, you’ve probably seen some music videos we’ve featured on Bitchin Kitchen over the years. Any chance I got I would love to create songs. And then about six months ago I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to get a guitar and I’m going to get back into it.’ I did that, and I found some band mates, and we started a band called The Menstruators,” she says.

The Menstruators “is a little bit riot girl, a little bit punk rock…” and she plans to tour this summer, but don’t expect her to travel too far.

“I don’t know so much about touring, but I’m probably going to play some dive bars in the L.A. area,” she adds. “The tour could be called, ‘Touring the dive bars of Los Angeles.’”

When she’s not playing loud music and ordering nachos from dive bars in L.A., Nadia is redesigning kitchens.

“We have a show that just came out, it’s called Sick Kitchens with Nadia G – this is on ULive online. I’m really passionate about this show. I’ve always loved décor, and I find people just don’t put any effort into their kitchens. You’ve got living rooms that have style, you’ve got bedrooms that reflect their personality, but the kitchen is always just granite and stainless steel or a craptastic mess,” Nadia tells me. “And what I do is I take that Bitchin’ Kitchen wild aesthetic and apply that to their kitchen – obviously within the realm of their taste. It really amps up design, which is very fun for me.”

Images of decapitated dolls from Bitchin Kitchen days began to dance around in my head.

Nadia G on the set of Bitchin Kitchen with her decapitated dolls
Nadia G on the set of Bitchin Kitchen with her decapitated dolls

“Yeah, the decapitated doll! Yeah, but you should see, it’s really interesting, we’ve done a bunch of different kitchens – the most recent show is actually one of my favorites. I did Mojo Foster’s kitchen, who’s like a celebrity tattoo artist – he’s done everyone from Miley Cyrus, he does my tattoos, he worked at Kat Von D’s shop for a while…There’s no decapitated dolls in his kitchen, but it’s very, very wild,” she says.

ULive is similar to Netflix in the sense that both mediums release all of the episodes at one time and viewers can binge-watch their favorite shows – a la Orange is the New Black.

With Bitchin Kitchen by the wayside and a dive tour and Sick Kitchens on the forefront, what else is happening for the Canadian-born Italian firecracker?

“I’ve got a couple of other projects in the works – can’t really talk much about them now, because they’re not finalized – but I re-launched my website, which is really great. It’s nice and streamlined; We’ve got some really funny stuff on there, like Partner Shaming – you send us pictures of the nasty stuff your partner does and send it to us and we will shame them. Not in a mean way, we don’t mention anybody by name, but yeah, this is a lot of fun stuff going on,” she says, laughing.

Partner Shaming. It’s a real thing.

In one Partner Shaming video, Nadia calls out someone for using the sink as a dishwasher.
In one Partner Shaming video, Nadia calls out someone for using the sink as a dishwasher.

“I would love for people to send in some submissions for partner-shaming – I think it’s really hilarious and hopefully together we can create better humans out of our partners,” she adds. “Snap a photo and send it to Bitchin’ Lifestyle, and we’d be happy to talk about [whatever your partner does that annoys you].”

Partner Shaming is just the beginning.

“There’s so many things I can’t stand. I have this YouTube series that I do called Getting Irritated with Nadia G. There’s a lot, a lot of things I can’t stand. One of the more recent ones – it’s actually not even really a funny thing, but I’m going to figure out a way to make it funny – what I can’t stand is slut-shaming. That’s one thing that really gets under my skin, and I’m convinced that dudes do this so that women don’t get any experience and they’re satisfied with their crappy moves in bed,” she says. “That’s truly what it is, you know, because it doesn’t really make sense. So that’s really getting on my nerves these days, and I think I’m going to do a Getting Irritated episode on slut-shaming. I mean, being a slut is a beautiful thing; it’s a great thing.”

Nadia says it’s all about taking back the word. Being a slut is a beautiful thing, she tells me.

“You gotta take it back, man,” she says. “What is this? I have some friends of mine that have slept with two people in their lives. ‘I’m like, how do you even know what you want?’ It’s ridiculous!”

As Nadia knows, part of staying on top in the entertainment arena is making your own opportunities.

“You know, when you’re in the creative industry, 98 percent of the projects don’t come through. So it’s imperative that you have many, many projects so at least you can pay off the Porsche,” she says.

Simultaneously catch new episodes of Sick Kitchens while emailing photos of Partner Shaming while toe-tapping to the music you might see at a dive bar later this summer when Nadia G rolls through L.A.



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