Nebraska Woman Found Shackled in Home Invasion, Anti-Gay Slurs Carved into Stomach

Nebraska Woman Found Shackled in Home Invasion, Anti-Gay Slurs Carved into Stomach

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A Lincoln, Neb. woman was found tied up in her home Sunday evening with the words “Slut” and “Dyke” carved into her stomach. Her home was set on fire and still burning when police arrived. Police in Lincoln have concluded that three men broke into the victim’s home around 4:00am. Perpetrators were wearing ski masks.

The woman at the center of the attack wishes to conceal her identity and has not been referenced by name in the press.

A friend of the victim told the Journal Star that “the woman crawled from her house, naked and bleeding and screaming for help before reaching the doorstep of a neighbor’s home.”

A candlelight vigil was held at the state Capitol on July 22. An hour before Sunday’s crowd gathered at the Capitol, a Facebook event for the vigil had been shared with almost 10,000 people, with 775 saying they planned to attend – either in person or in spirit, according to the Journal Star.

Lincoln gay-rights group Outlinc released the following statement.

Outlinc President Tyler Richard: “We are shocked and saddened by the report of an alleged hate crime involving a member of the LGBT community early Sunday morning. Our hearts go out the the victim, her family and close friends. Many in our community are understandably experiencing a great deal of sadness, anger and confusion. We look to our entire community to pull together in this difficult time. Outlinc has full faith in the Lincoln Police Department who has a long history of support for Lincoln’s LGBT community. We trust that their investigation will be fair and complete and we await the results. As we consider the possible impetus for this horrific attack we are reminded more than ever why fairness is vital in our city.

No arrests have been made at this time.



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