What You Need to Know About the Spread of Ebola Virus

What You Need to Know About the Spread of Ebola Virus

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The Ebola virus is yet to turn into a serious problem here in Seattle, but reported cases are appearing in areas such as Florida. According to studies compiled by the University of Southern California and its Master in Public Health department, the spread of the Ebola virus can be limited, especially when more people understand the way the virus spreads in the first place.

The Ebola virus spreads through the transmission of blood and bodily fluids. The virus can also be transmitted through sexual activities. On top of that, surfaces that have been contaminated with infected blood or bodily fluids must not be in contact with a point of entry such as the mouth or an open wound.

Early symptoms of the Ebola virus include severe headaches and muscle fatigue. If you’ve been traveling to an area with high Ebola infections, seeking medical attention upon seeing these symptoms is recommended.

The infographic How Ebola Spreads was created by the University of Southern California.





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