Neil Patrick Harris Tweets His Favorite Birthday Gifts

Neil Patrick Harris Tweets His Favorite Birthday Gifts

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NPH Twitter
NPH Twitter

Even at the ripe age of 40, Neil Patrick Harris is still full of jokes.

The actor, who had a birthday on Saturday, tweeted that he only wanted lots of presents for his special day. “Good ones. Well thought out gifts,” he told People. The jokester followed up with a picture of his two-year-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace with the caption, “Never mind. I’ve got the two best gifts in the world sitting right in front of me.”

Unfortunately, turning 40 hasn’t given Harris quite the insight he was hoping for.

“So weird,” he tweeted. “I woke up this morning with infinite wisdom. Not sure why…Oh, wait. Scratch that last Tweet. I thought turning 40 would bring enlightenment. It doesn’t. I’m still pretty dim.”



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