Netflix Launches Same-Sex Chinese Documentary ‘All In My Family’ to Air May 3

Netflix Launches Same-Sex Chinese Documentary ‘All In My Family’ to Air May 3

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As the only male descendant in his Chinese family, Hao Wu was raised with a certain set of expectations – excel at school, get a good job, marry, and have kids. Yet, despite reaching all of these goals, Wu still faces the dilemma of reconciling the ways in which he achieved them with his family’s deeply traditional beliefs.

Years after coming out to his parents and sister, they continue to grapple with his identity, especially Wu’s headstrong but big-hearted mother. But when Wu and his partner bring their young children to China to meet the rest of the extended clan — most of whom are unaware that he’s gay — the family must decide how, or if, they’ll introduce the thoroughly modern family into the fold.

All in My Family paints a heartfelt portrait of how familial love carries and changes across cultures and generations of traditions.

In this deeply personal documentary, gay filmmaker Hao Wu faces the dilemma of introducing his partner and children to his traditional family in China. All In My Family premieres May 3 on Netflix.



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