New Infographic Details the Reality of Being Transgender in America

New Infographic Details the Reality of Being Transgender in America

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Although recent polling indicates that only 11-22 percent of Americans personally know someone who is transgender, the public transitions of Caitlyn Jenner and, previously, Laverne Cox, mean more people are becoming familiar with transgender people. Few people, however, understand the myriad issues facing transgender people, including legal discrimination; limited job opportunities; high rates of poverty, harassment, and violence; health disparities; challenges updating identity documents needed for daily living, and more.

Movement Advancement Project (MAP) infographic
Movement Advancement Project (MAP) infographic

The Movement Advancement Project’s (MAP) new infographic, “Snapshot: Transgender in America,” gives a quick look at state-level laws and policies that impact the lives of transgender people and provides some key statistics on the challenges transgender people face. For example:

  • Over half of states (32) either have predominantly hostile laws targeting transgender people (23 states) or low levels of legal equality for transgender people (9 states).
  • Most states (28) lack state laws protecting transgender people from employment discrimination, although 78 percent of transgender employees report harassment, mistreatment, or discrimination on the job.
  • Most states (29) lack laws protecting transgender students from bullying, though 75 percent of transgender students report feeling unsafe at school.
  • Only 59 percent of transgender people have been able to update the gender marker on their driver’s license – and only 14 states and the District of Columbia make it easy for transgender people to do so.

The full infographic is below.

To read MAP’s summary analysis of issues facing transgender Americans and to find all of their publications on the disparities faced by transgender people, visit LGBT MAP.

For a national snapshot of state policies affecting transgender people, visit LGBT MAP Equality and click on any individual state or issue to learn more.

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