New Lesbian Magazine Hits Stands in Germany

New Lesbian Magazine Hits Stands in Germany

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straight_heft_05Straight is the name of the newest lesbian magazine that has hit the stands of Germany.

The lifestyle magazine aims to be straightforward and frank.

“That’s exactly what we are,” Editor-in-Chief Felicia Mutterer said. “Straight’ embodies self-confidence and obviously wants to provoke.”

The magazine hopes to avoid the regular lesbian clichés.

“It’s difficult to convey the idea that you can be a lesbian without conforming to the stereotypes,” Mutterer said.

Straight will differ from the other German lesbian magazine, L-Mag, in that it will write about things like makeup, fashion and cosmetic tips. Straight’s co-publisher, Gudrun Fertig feels that L-Mag deliberately avoid this kind of content and that doesn’t suit all of the readers.

With a circulation of 15,000 copies, Mutterer said that she was happy with the first week of sales.

In their marketing campaign, Straight used a model that looked like Chancellor Angela Merkel who gets embraced by another woman. Merkel is married to a man and opposed to recognizing same-sex marriages.

“We did everything on our own and didn’t align with anything that exists,” Mutterer said. “We want to create different role models to get things moving in society. We don’t want to be using the old ‘fight for rights’ approach, but rather show this lifestyle as a given.”



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