New Poll: Scots Back Gay Marriage

New Poll: Scots Back Gay Marriage

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The United Kingdon Press Association (UKPA) is reporting today that more than half of Scots believe gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry.
In an opinion poll carried out for the Scottish Green Party, 58% of people agreed that same-sex couples should be allowed to get married. A mere 19% disagreed with the idea of same-sex weddings and the remaining 23% had no opinion on the matter.
Patrick Harvie MSP said, “Civil partnership was an important step forward, giving same-sex couples much [of] the same legal rights and responsibilities as everyone else. But there have always been some people who want to portray those couples as second-class citizens and their relationships as less meaningful than marriage, or worthy of less respect from society. Attitudes are changing rapidly and, with each step towards equality, more people feel able to be open about who they love. Nowadays, almost everyone knows some gay or lesbian friends and family members, and by a margin of three to one Scots support couples who want to commit to each other in a gay marriage.”

Harvie continued,”Full legal equality for same-sex couples who want to marry and for mixed-sex couples who want civil partnership instead would be much more in keeping with this increasingly inclusive Scottish public opinion. I believe there are enough supporters in all political parties for it to be changed during the next Parliament. Soon we will look back on the current arrangement with the same disbelief young Americans have when they find out there used to be a ban on inter-racial marriage.”



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