New Zealand’s Funny Bone: MP Maurice Williamson

New Zealand’s Funny Bone: MP Maurice Williamson

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260268-mauricewilliamsonThe award for the most entertaining prime minister – anywhere – goes to…New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson. After his kitschy same-sex marriage speech to parliament Monday, Williamson, 62, was invited to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – and has been given permission by his representatives to do so!

So, what landed him the gig? Let’s take a look at a few of his most side-splitting sound bites from the speech.

On those traveling bandit gays

“We are really struggling to know what the gay onslaught will look like…We don’t know if it will come down the Pakuranga Highway as a series of troops or whether it will be a gas that floats in over the electorate and locks us all in,” he said.

On the world ending

“I give a promise to those people who are opposed to this bill right now: I give you a water-tight guaranteed promise. The sun will still rise tomorrow. Your teenage daughter will still argue back with you as if she knows everything. Your mortgage will not grow. You will not have skin diseases or rashes or toads in your beard, sir, the world will just carry on,” he said.

On the ‘Drought de Gay’

“And finally, can I say sir: one of the messages I had was that this bill was the cause of our drought. This bill was the cause of our drought. We had the most enormous big gay rainbow across my electorate. It has to be a sign, sir. It has to be a sign. If you’re a believer it’s certainly a sign…and can I finish for all those who are all concerned about this with a quote from the Bible? It’s Deuteronomy – I thought Deuteronomy was a cat out of Ketch, but never mind…It’s Deuteronomy, Chapter one, Verse 29: ‘Be ye not afraid.'”

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