NOM Outlines Plan to Strip Rights from LGBT Americans Under Trump Presidency

NOM Outlines Plan to Strip Rights from LGBT Americans Under Trump Presidency

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nom-email-header-retina-2016-11-09_the-planIn a post entitled “The Plan,” anti-LGBT organization National Organization for Marriage outlined the ways in which they anticipate using a Trump presidency to further their hateful rhetoric in America – and around the world.

“Donald Trump has won a historic election, an unprecedented victory that has turned the establishment upside down,” NOM president Brian Brown writes. “We heartily congratulate him and his team on their incredible win. President-elect Trump will now turn his attention to governing, and NOM is committed to working with him. We are confident that our voice and our views will be important in a Trump administration.”

In no uncertain terms, Brown outlines their path to hateful victory.

“We will work with President Trump to nominate conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, individuals who will adhere to the words and meaning of the constitution. Such justices will inevitably reverse the anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court imposing same-sex ‘marriage’ on the nation in the Obergefell decision, because that decision lacked any basis in the constitution,” he writes.

Then adds, “We will work with President Trump to rescind the illegal, over-reaching executive orders and directives issued by President Obama, including his dangerous ‘gender identity’ directives, attempting to redefine gender just as he sought to redefine marriage.”

The third item on the list stated, “We will work with President Trump to reverse policies of the Obama administration that seek to coerce other countries into accepting same-sex ‘marriage’ as a condition of receiving US assistance and aid. It is fundamentally wrong for a president to become a lobbyist for the LGBT agenda, and we are confident that will end in the Trump administration.”

Brown then executes, “We will work with President Trump and Congress to pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which Mr. Trump supports. FADA is critical legislation to protect people who believe in marriage from being targeted by the government for persecution.”

The organization calls for an increased following on social media in order to begin their work to dismantle same-sex families and gender protections.

“To make sure that we can influence the policy debates that are coming, we need to step-up our communications. The first step is to grow our presence on social media. Please act today to follow NOM and me on Twitter, and to like us on Facebook,” Brown writes.

Make no mistake about it, NOM is ready to work with Trump to reverse the protections President Barack Obama helped create for all families in America.

“This is a bright and exciting time for NOM, and we are committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity we have,” Brown writes. “Our voice and our views matter to the incoming administration, and that means your voice and views matter.”

The post ends with, “We’re excited about the future, and we are looking forward to work with the Trump administration to restore marriage, uphold gender, protect religious liberty and promote families.”



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