Nurture Plants, Nurture Humanity: How Gardening Not Only Helps You Heal, It Helps You Grow

Nurture Plants, Nurture Humanity: How Gardening Not Only Helps You Heal, It Helps You Grow

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The world we live in today is wrought with a lot of stress, heartache, and pain. We can do everything we can to buttress ourselves against the roaring tide of life’s difficulties. It’s difficult to have to be forced into conformity by society. And the beauty here is that more and more people are becoming more accepting of people who are different from them.

Broken heart? Stressful job? Or just life being life in general? It may sometimes feel like you want to crumble beneath your own weight and to simply want the struggle to end. It’s only natural to want to feel that way, girl. But don’t fret. Take heart, stiffen that beautiful upper lip of yours and hold your head high with pride.

Do everything you can to hold on. And while that often entails taking an introspective approach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what caring for something else can do for you. And well, in this case, caring for plants holds a lot of benefits that can not only help you heal, but also help you become a better person. Read on and see how.

It fulfills the need to be needed

Yes, we all have that need. To be held as someone important is a feeling we all seek, even when we don’t consciously do so. When you look after something that is unable to do so for itself, it helps you to redirect your energy away from yourself and outward. This is important because self-absorption is one trait that leads people into depression.

Caring for another living being helps make you feel better about yourself, too. After all, it’s instilled in our nature as human beings to be nurturers. Embrace that aspect and you’ll find what a wonderful human being you actually are. And the best bit is that gardening doesn’t require a lot. Just this guide from WikiLawn alone already contains the knowledge you need to successfully grow a garden.

Flowers Ease Anxiety

Whether it’s the colors or the smells, flowers have been proven to help reduce anxiety levels. There’s a good reason as to why flowers are often sent to people in hospitals, as they help ease anxiety and also help people sleep better. You’re going to be exposed to flowers the entirety of the time you spend growing them.

And imagine it, tirelessly caring for your garden and getting the affirmation of your good efforts in the form of vibrant colors gracing your garden. All of that peace, right in your yard.

Hormones (The Kind You Want)

Exposing yourself to the sights and smells, of nature, as well as the sunshine, are sure to trigger some positive emotions in you. This is because these stimuli cause the body to release the hormones dopamine and serotonin, both of which are responsible for the feeling of elation. They are the same hormones released when you see someone you love or do something you enjoy.

And well, sometimes, the reason why we feel as though we can no longer be happy without a particular person is that we’ve subconsciously associated that person with happiness and that they are the only source of happiness. We learn to move on by rewiring our brain so that we can find happiness elsewhere. The good news is that gardening can be such an avenue.



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