Ohio Lesbian Couple and Kids Denied Family Pool Pass

Ohio Lesbian Couple and Kids Denied Family Pool Pass

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Photo: Crawford County Now
Photo: Crawford County Now

It looks like one family won’t be having fun in the sun at the Galion’s Heise Park in Ohio this year.

Melody Mohn and her partner Hela Young were denied a family swimming pool pass reportedly because they’re a same-sex couple.

“I just figured they would realize it was an ordinance and give me permission right away,” Mohn said, who is raising her three children with Young. “I mean, it’s a pool pass.”

When she was denied the pass, Mohn went to local officials who said they are standing by the written ordinance for this summer, at least.

“We’re not the only same-sex couple, and we’re not the only non-traditional family, either,” Mohn said.

She has bought a family pass for the past nine years, and now her family won’t be able to go as often.

“It costs about $16 each time and that adds up quick,” she said.

On Tuesday, a city council meeting discussed the wording.

“The proposed wording is that we change it to a family or ‘household’ pass and it would allow two adults and three children,” Galion City Council Member Sarah Capretta said. “They want to make sure that they word it properly so that it can include more people in the city of Galion. We have a lot of grandparents taking care of grandchildren, aunts and uncles taking care of nephews and nieces and we want to make sure that we include all of those people to make everybody eligible to be able to use the facility because that is what it is there for.”

Because the pool closes next month, Mohn and Young won’t be able to get the pass until summer 2015.

“We certainly don’t want to do anything to prevent children and parents to go swimming in our pool,” Galion City Council president Carl Watt said. “I mean, 20 years ago, it probably fit the scene, but not today. Not today’s lifestyle.”



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