One Million Kids for Equality Launches Before SCOTUS Ruling

One Million Kids for Equality Launches Before SCOTUS Ruling

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One Million Kids for Equality website

One Million Kids For Equality, in coalition with The Personal Stories Project and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Rainbow Center, have officially launched a historic and very ambitious campaign to engage One Million Kids ahead of this summer’s historic ruling on marriage equality.

The campaign started Thursday with the launch of a temporary website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Over the coming weeks, organizers will be launching a full website that promises “many additional ways to get engaged.”

The website’s tagline reads: “One Million Kids For Equality is an organization of folks from all walks of life who support full equality for the LGBT community.”

Organizers say: “Some of us identify as LGBT, some of us are Allies, others grew up in families with loving, committed same-sex parents, and ALL of us believe in full equality.”

They continued, “We each have a story. Many of us were bullied in school for being different, some of us have been teased for having two moms or two dads, and still others have been beat up for standing up for a friend or loved one. Each of us has a dream. Some of us want to be able to walk hand in hand with the person we love without being stared at; some of us want to see our two moms married in our home state, or for our dad to be able to keep a picture of our family on his desk without fear of losing his job. Whatever your story, we invite you to join us as we work to build a movement to show that We Are. We Love. We Stand. United.

Join the conversation online by tweeting @kids4equality or liking their page on Facebook via

A mailing list has also been established via the website:



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