One Million Moms Attacks Zales for Same-Sex Love and Pride Collection

One Million Moms Attacks Zales for Same-Sex Love and Pride Collection

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In a post titled, “Zales Attempts to Normalize Sin,” the anti-gay group One Million Moms have found a new target. Move over Oreos, H&M, Mattel, Cheerios, and basically any other wholesome name brands – it’s time to turn the spotlight on an all-inclusive jewelry company.

“Zales Jewelers should be ashamed of attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women getting married in their latest commercial,” the post read. “It shows two women in wedding gowns exchanging vows and wedding bands. Zales is promoting same-sex marriage and their new ‘Love and Pride‘ Collection. The “Love and Pride” wedding band collection, designed for the LGBTQ community with rainbow and matching bands, is ‘promoting Equality, Diversity, and Unity’ and ‘celebrate their Love with Pride’ as stated on their website.”

The post continued, “Zales crossed a line that should have never been crossed. Even if 1MM didn’t disagree morally with the decision to air this ad, it is not a retailer’s job to introduce so called ‘social issues’ such as this to our children. That is a parent’s decision, not theirs. Zales is glorifying sin, and no sin should be placed in the spotlight and honored. This goes for homosexuality as well.”

Hold on one second there while we wait for One Million Moms to stop inserting their opinions and social issue propaganda into our lives. Still waiting? Keep waiting. Apparently it’s all so cleverly one-sided, this notion of allowing parents to make their own decisions.

“Millions of Americans strongly believe marriage should be between one man and one woman,” their post added. “It is obvious that Zales would rather take sides than remain neutral in the culture war. Zales will hear from the other side so they need to hear from us as well. Our persistence will pay off! One day we will answer for our actions or lack of them. We must remain diligent and stand up for Biblical values and truth. Scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature (Romans 1:26-27).”

We’re pretty sure God is a huge fan of bible-thumping closeted homosexuals way too interested in our wedding ring choices, too. Way to lead by example on neutrality, One Million Moms.




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