Online Dating Safety Tips for Women Everywhere

Online Dating Safety Tips for Women Everywhere

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Safety and online dating don’t always go hand in hand. Anytime you’re meeting a stranger from the internet, you should take extra caution. Even if you’re only planning to meet lesbian singles from your neighborhood, it’s best to be aware of the right ways to stay safe. Luckily, the world of online dating is a relatively safe space. As long as you use the same caution that you would anywhere on the internet, you can meet Ms. Right in just a few swipes.

Today, 20% of current committed relationships started online. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder so many ladies are taking the internet to find that special someone. Just make sure you follow these tips when you’re searching for your match.

1. Tell a Friend

The first rule of online dating is to always tell someone. If you’re planning to meet someone from the web, whether you’re meeting a dating match or a Craigslist seller, let someone know where you’re going. You need a meeting routine that includes letting a trusted friend or loved one know when you’re leaving, where you’re going, and when you’ll return home.

Telling your friend doesn’t stop here. Make a point to check in with your friend throughout the date to update them on any changes, for example, if you decide to change locations mid-date. It’s normal to take things to the bedroom if you’re feeling comfortable, but always let your friend know if you plan to be out late or if you’re going somewhere else. It’s always better to be safe, and your date should understand if you need to check in.

2. Don’t Overshare

With so much of our lives online today, it sometimes feels natural to share everything over the internet. However, when it comes to online dating, less really is more. Not only do you not want to run out of things to talk about before the first date, but you also don’t want to share too many personal details over the internet.

It’s a good idea to practice discretion. Don’t share your home address, work address, or valuable private information over the internet. You also don’t want to advertise exactly where you’ll be on Saturday night across social media. While 9 out of 10 times these things are safe to share with others, you want to protect yourself for that 1 time where it’s used against you.

3. Do Your Research

All of us women are pseudo-FBI agents thanks to the internet. We know how to find just about anything online, and this is a major asset when it comes to online dating. Take advantage of the internet to learn more about your potential match.

While you shouldn’t try to infringe on their privacy, you shouldn’t be afraid to look into who they say they are. It’s not rare to find yourself in a catfishing situation, so don’t get caught off guard when you could have done a simple Google search.

4. Talk on the Phone

We all know talking on the phone is a drag. It feels like something for older generations, but you can’t just schedule your first date all via text message. Talking on the phone is another way to get a feel for the person you’re about to meet. It’s easy to be fooled when you’re talking online, but over the phone, you can let your intuition take over.

It’s definitely scary to call a stranger over the phone, but it’ll help ease the nerves before your first date. Knowing how they sound will help you learn more about them while also setting up your first date. If they refuse to talk on the phone, that’s a big red flag.

5. Stay With the Crowd

There’s safety in numbers. If you’re meeting for the first time, it’s best to stay in a public place. Avoid going to a remote location or letting your date know where you live by having them pick you up. When possible, meet during daytime in a space that’s known to be full of people. Great options are coffee shops, restaurants, or movie theaters.

Another tip is to keep the date short. If you’re having a bad date, the last thing you want is to keep it going longer than it has to. With coffee shops, restaurants, and movies, there’s a set time limit. It’s easy to bail out after you’ve finished your drink or after the movie ends.

Online dating is an exciting way to put yourself out there. When it comes to online dating, 60% of female users want a long-term relationship rather than a fling. Your ideal match might be out there waiting for you. Just be sure you take your safety seriously when you’re interacting with strangers online.



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